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13 March 2023

KAN’s First Film Screening with BBC, A Success!

Abigail White

On July 26th, Kuwait Aid Network hosted our first ever International Film Screening and Panel Event. Attendees watched BBC’s documentary, Life at 50° Celsius: Qatar Killer Heat and listened to producers Ceci Golding and Pramod Acharya speak about their work on the film. Their passion for migrant rights advocacy was inspiring to all and their words captivated our audience, which had representation from over six nations worldwide.

Ceci Golding is a documentary filmmaker based in London, England. She has spent the last two years focusing on extreme heat driven by the climate crisis, and the devastating impact heat is causing around the globe. Pramod Acharya is a freelance investigative and data journalist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He writes on migration, human rights, and climate change issues for various international media outlets. 

Both panelists emphasized the importance of bringing attention to the issues that migrant workers face in the Gulf, particularly due to the devastating impacts of climate change. They encouraged the audience to take action within their communities and raise awareness surrounding this issue. 

Online, we had our intern Saihaj planning and coordinating the event and discussion. Behind the scenes we had Geoff, Khalid, and Mariam, joining us at Argan Business Park, assisting with all things logistics and assuring that our in-person guests felt welcomed and comfortable throughout the event. Two more KAN interns, Mary and Abby, moderated the discussion portion of the panel and coordinated all things marketing!

We are incredibly fortunate to share that our event was a success. This would not have been possible without the support of our community, the of the staff at BBC, and the hard work of our employees.

More events like this are in the works! Stay tuned to see what else KAN is up to.


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