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5 August 2022

Small actions make a difference

Abigail White


Small actions make a difference.

Here at Kuwait Aid Network, our team is made up of extremely passionate individuals from varying educational, cultural, and experiential backgrounds. The community is at the heart of everything that we do, so it only makes sense to have members of the community represented and supported by our organization.

We firmly believe that no one is too young, too old, too uneducated, or too inexperienced to make a difference in the world around them.

Famous author Julia Carney once said, “little drops of water make the mighty ocean”. Kuwait Aid Network is committed to contributing as many “drops of water” to the “mighty ocean” we call “social justice” as possible.

It may seem impossible to make a change in a world where human rights abuses, inequality, and other global issues are seemingly endless. But, rather than being consumed by overwhelm and dread around these issues, what if we thought about taking action on a smaller scale?

What if we actively chose to support members of our community and embraced each opportunity to help one another as an opportunity to create connection?

What if we swapped an hour of our time spent mindlessly scrolling through social media each week for an hour of time volunteering with newcomers to the community?

What if we spent that extra $5 of coffee money on an item that a charity is in desperate need of?

What if we looked up from our busy lives and simply acknowledged individuals passing by on the street?

The differences these small actions could make are immeasurable. Each of these actions are just “little drops of water”, but together, they contribute to the “mighty ocean”. Commitment to social justice does not need to be a life-altering activity because  your small commitment could alter someone in need’s life.

Kuwait Aid Network is always accepting volunteers, in kind, and monetary donations.

Do you have an idea about how you can contribute to creating a difference? Contact us at [email protected]

Taking action, creating change. Kuwait Aid Network


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