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5 August 2022

Why Does Kuwait Need Our Attention?

Mary Russo


Kuwait is a small county located at the tip of the Persian Gulf and is a relatively wealthy country because of its oil resources. However, wealth is not widespread throughout the country and the state has a destructive elitist system. The classist system embedded within this nation allows for a large division of wealth within the population. These divides have caused the culture within Kuwait to adopt a “keep to yourself” attitude among citizens. This atmosphere enables many people who need help to be classified as “unimportant,” and oftentimes people don’t feel enough compassion to truly help those in vulnerable positions by creating systemic change. 

Kuwait is also a popular destination for multiple migrant workers. Most of these worker’s come predominantly to work; others may come to Kuwait seeking refuge. Many workers who come to seek refuge need resources and support to be provided. However, Kuwait does not have refuge policies in place in order to provide this support, which means there are resources missing in order to provide needed aid to this vulnerable group of people. In addition, people often have trouble obtaining residency when seeking refuge in Kuwait. Kuwait’s system for obtaining and retaining residency within the nation is extremely complicated. This obstacle leads to a lot of instability within the population as numerous people have trouble obtaining residency and keeping this residency. Migrant workers make up two-thirds of Kuwait’s population, yet they remain ignored in many discussions and policymaking (World Report 2019). There is also a lack of ability and platforms for these workers to advocate for themselves and voice their concerns (World Report 2019). Our organization can help provide support and advocate and supply an empowering voice for these workers.

Overall, there is an extensive group of vulnerable people in Kuwait that need resources, aid, and support. However, the government repeatedly ignores their problems, and have made no substantial change to support them. The vulnerable people within Kuwait are a group that our organization is focused on helping. Our organization’s goal is to eradicate food scarcity in Kuwait, as most migrant workers live in poverty and many communities experience food shortages. We aim to do this by providing physical support to people by way of food donations and clothes, as well as we work to provide people with life skills, such as sewing, so they may take these skills and apply them to obtain more high-paying work. Our organization also seeks to answer questions about residency as we are well-versed in Kuwait’s legal and governmental systems, we attempt to connect people to our resources if they have more specific legal questions. Our organization strives to step in and provide aid to those in vulnerable positions who may have been overlooked by their government and community. We aim to support the vulnerable members of the community in all capacities possible. 

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