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5 August 2022

Why Volunteering as a Teen is Important

Many secondary schools require community service hours in order to graduate. However, completing these hours can have greater benefits than just allowing you to finish your secondary school education. In this article, we outline 4 benefits to volunteering in your local, or global community.

01. Work experience

Through volunteering, teens can gain valuable workplace experience that will stand out to future employers. Having experience prior to your first job will not only impress future employers but make your transition into the workplace much easier as you will already have experienced a similar environment!

02. Lessons about the future

The best way to know what career you would like to have in the future is by testing it out! Through volunteering, you can work with those employed in the fields that you are interested in pursuing. This can provide one with valuable experience and advice that may help with important future decisions. Volunteering is an activity that allows for education and networking that would be otherwise difficult to experience in a classroom.

03. Make new friends

Volunteering for a cause that you are interested in will allow you to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about the same things as you! What better way to pass the time than by lending a hand while getting to know others who are equally as interested in the work that you are doing? This can help one to make new friends and further develop a professional network.

04. Help your community

Through volunteering, you can make an important impact on the world around you! Lending a hand shows your community that you care and helps to better the lives of those around you. Your work as a volunteer will have a meaningful impact on the community and will inspire others to do the same!

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